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If you are new to The Alexander Technique it can sometimes be challenging to understand how it can help you. This section has been designed to help you identify the areas in your life where you could benefit from applying the Alexander Technique.

The following questionnaire is designed to help you identify areas and activities in your life that could benefit from improving.

Answer yes or no for each of the 10 questions, total up the number of yes' and then look at the table at the bottom.

1 – Do you have difficulty with particular activities or can you only do certain activities for short periods of time?  E.g. sitting, standing, walking, working on the computer, driving, etc.

2 – Do the difficulties or symptoms you have go away when you rest or stop doing the activity?

3 – Do you get aches and pains with no specific cause?  E.g. back ache, neck ache, shoulder pain, headaches etc.

4 – Do you experience tension that you would like to be rid of?  E.g. tension in your shoulders, arms, forearms, hands, neck, back and legs.

5 – Do you regularly feel stressed out and not able to control your reactions to what is going on?

6 – Does your current posture concern you and would you like to improve it?

7 – Is your flexibility limited?  For example, when standing can you lean forward and touch your toes?

8 – Do you have difficulty with old injuries i.e. healed injuries that you still get regular difficulties with?

9 – Do you have a reoccurring injury that you don’t understand why it keeps happening?

10 – When you start moving after being stationary (e.g. first thing in the morning or when you’ve been sitting down for a while) do you have difficulty getting going?

Number of yes’:

<1  You are doing well.  You might not need the Alexander Technique but you could still benefit if you want to improve your performance or if you are curious to find out more about it you are very welcome!

2 – 4   You notice that things are not as easy as they used to be.  Whilst you may not be overly concerned everyday activities could be better by learning the Alexander Technique.  To find out what could be improved, book an introductory 1-1 lesson which includes a personal consultation to tailor a programme for you.

5- 7   You could benefit significantly from learning to apply the Alexander Technique to your day to day activities and life style.  Book an introductory 1-1 lesson today, find out more about the technique, have a hands-on experience and find out how the technique can help you from the personal consultation.

8+   What are you waiting for?  Learning the Alexander Technique could make a huge difference to your day to day life, make many things easy and more enjoyable for you. To make the biggest differences and to get the most benefit from learning the Alexander Technique I would recommend booking a course of 10x 1-1 lessons to start with.

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