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Alexander Technique lessons combine discussion and practical interactive learning.  With small adjustments to the way you hold yourself or move about will lessen the amount of strain you’re putting on your body.  Less strain means less pain.

Using a hands on approach, students are guided through the improvements.  First students understand the benefits to be gained from making slight changes.  Then Barbara takes students through the changes using her hands to guide them.  In group lessons, students take it in turns to work with Barbara, and all students benefit from each other’s experiences.

And even after the lesson, you’ll be thinking more before you move, putting the lessons into practice.  It’ll help you feel better than you have for ages.

The Alexander Technique is suitable for everyone because we all have poor movement habits.  It can also be helpful for people who are repeatedly putting extra strain on their bodies, such as dancers and sportspeople.  Singers find that it frees their body to improve their voice.  Pregnant women report that childbirth can be easier after learning to control muscle tension and lower the pain reaction to contractions.

“It helps to see Barbara’s flexibility and ease of motion!! Also she makes the classes fun and I enjoy our discussions.”  Kay

“I have much more freedom and ease in movement.  I am less stressful and tense which has helped me to gain an improved attitude and approach to life’s problems.”  Yvette

What type of activities
am I talking about?
            What type of benefits
am I talking about?
· Sitting generally
· Sitting at a desk
· Lying down
· Standing
· Walking
· Running
· Carrying Bags
· Tai Chi, Yoga, Pilates
· Singing
· Dancing
· Cleaning the car
· Washing our hair
· Having a baby
· Everything else!
· Less muscle tension
· Less aches and pains
         o E.g. less back ache
         o E.g. less neck ache
         o E.g. less shoulder ache
· Less headaches
· Less stiffness
· Less stress
· Increased flexibility
· Increased range of movement
· Increased mental clarity
· Increased confidence
· Better recovery from injuries
· Better sleep

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