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I discovered the Alexander Technique in 1997 when I was introduced to someone who had studied it.  I felt envious of how freely she moved and the sense of wellbeing that she radiated, whilst I was constantly suffering from a bad neck and headaches. I wanted what she had!                                                                                         A while later I signed up for an introductory workshop, I was so amazed at how great I felt that I immediately signed up for a course of group lessons.  I was then so impressed with what I learnt that I wanted to share it with other people and make their lives better too.  I spent four years studying the technique and have been enjoying sharing my knowledge with my students ever since.  Learning the Alexander Technique has made a huge difference to the quality of my life, and I hope that it will help you too.

I’ve included some student feedback and the answers to some frequently asked questions below, but please feel free to email me or telephone me on (+44) 07919 444 924 if you have any more.

I Hope to see you soon. 


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Student Feedback:

“Your lessons are very clear, ‘insightful’ comes to mind. I think you see very clearly the issues that are really important at the moment and you don’t let me wriggle out of facing them!  You also convey a strong sense of caring, and of having been through many of the same issues, and of sharing the Alexander journey. And we have good fun!” Karen, Housewife

“I enjoy your relaxed and informal manner.  You are very knowledgeable, helpful, a good listener, and interesting.  It is also helpful to work within a group as observing others allows further understanding.” Claire, Journalist

I thought you'd like to know - I really enjoy your newsletters and look forward to seeing what you've come up with each time. Very good advice this month. Definitely something to take note of!  Tricia, Financial Advisor.

“I like your interactive approach towards me and other students.  You are very friendly and approachable.” Claire, 32

“Your teaching is very humorous and interesting.  You don’t just dictate to us but work with us to understand the technique.  You have a very nice caring manner.” Michelle, Housewife/Mother

“Barbara has the ability to make you feel calm and relaxed and makes you consciously think about your body and the way it responds.  Her manner and methods of teaching are inspirational!” Tracy, Accountant

“Your style is personal, practical and “hands on”.  It is a  mixture of some theory with practise.  In my lessons we specifically look at the things I’m interested in.” Nicky, 51


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