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It’s time you felt better.

Feel like your old self again.

Or even a whole new person.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed these days. Everything seems to move at top speed – and there still aren’t enough hours in the day.

Meanwhile, there’s that crick in your neck that comes and goes. Or the niggly knee. All sorts of little aches and pains. Some appear when you do certain things – driving, gardening, tennis. Some seem to crop up out of the blue.

It’s easy to feel like your body – even your life – is a bit out of your control. But you can get that control back, and feel much healthier, using the Alexander Technique.

The what?

The Alexander Technique. It’s a method of changing the way you carry yourself, and the way you move. Even when the change is subtle, it can make a huge difference – to everything from the way you walk to your whole outlook on life.

A change that changes everything

Your body didn’t come with a manual; no one tells you how to use it. You just sort of muddle along. But your body is by far the most sophisticated mechanism you’ll ever use. It’s bit like being plonked into the cockpit of a jumbo jet and told to get on with it.

By the time we grow up, we’re all flying our jets relatively well. They give the odd mysterious judder; little alarms go off now and then that we don’t understand. But by and large we avoid crashing into anything. Anything big, anyway.

Now imagine an expert pilot comes along. He (or she, in my case) explains how you can fly your plane much more smoothly and enjoyably. A little tweak here, a dip of the wing there. Soon you feel more confident, relaxed and in control.

That’s the Alexander Technique. I’m the ‘pilot’ – but you can call me Barbara. I studied for years to qualify as an Alexander teacher. I can help you take control of your body, and make it work more smoothly. Niggles and twinges disappear. You relax. And as you feel better in your body, you start to feel better in yourself. Calmer. More relaxed. More focused on what you want to do.

Examples of how the Alexander Technique has already helped people:

"I no longer have a continuous pain my neck or shoulder.  I approach life’s problems from a very different corner and attitude. The improvement is continuous and the curiosity to discover more never wains.  It has broadened my mind and given me practical help to my problems.  Friends have told me that I look much better and more relaxed! Yvette, Office Manager

“I no longer suffer from backache after a day at work.  My posture has definitely improved.” Beth, Optician

“I am very impressed.  How such small postural changes can make such a huge difference in my ease of movement.” Bridget, Mother

“I have found an explanation as to why my problems exist and the fact that they can be resolved.” Annette, HR Manager

                                                                            How Can it Help me?

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